Understanding the origins of the Arab/Israeli conflict from a biblical perspective is imperative for Christ-followers to understand the terror-filled times in which we live. Surprisingly, Muslims are coming to the Lord at astounding rates in the Middle East, but America’s believers, in large part, are unaware.

Jesus is performing a mighty work in the hearts of oppressed and persecuted peoples, both Jew and Muslim, yet the church is sleeping through some of the most amazing news in history. TV reports would have us all believe that God is losing, the church is dying in the Middle East, and the prospect of turning hearts toward Jesus is hopeless in this region of the world. But the truth is quite to the contrary: The gospel not only survives in persecution, it THRIVES in persecution! Jews are waking up to the identity of their true Messiah. Muslims are seeking out Jesus in unprecedented numbers with miraculous stories to tell.

The “Understanding the Times” conference is a chance for the wider body of believers to come together across denominational lines to hear the good news of God’s war against terror, listen to first-hand stories from the underground church in the Middle East, heed the warnings of deception in these latter days, and wake up from our slumber before Jesus establishes his kingdom in Jerusalem. God is so much bigger than we think. This conference is a celebration of God’s ways and a call to live boldly, without fear, in these days before Jesus’ return.

Speakers from Israel, the Middle East, Australia, and America will converge on Nashville, Tennessee on March 9-10, 2018 for a two day, intensive conference entitled “Understanding the Times: Israel, Islam, and the Gospel at the End of the Age”. Please join us as we all seek to understand the unprecedented times in which we live from a biblical perspective.